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Coding Courses & Computer Classes For Kids

Learning to write computer programs is a really important skill, and it’s not one that is usually taught adequately in school. Technology is rapidly making unskilled work obsolete, so anyone without special skills or talent will face a difficult time in the near future.

Coding courses for kids in Melbourne

If you want to give your kids the best opportunity to create a decent future, you should enrol them in the courses offered by Champions Academy.


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Specially designed computer classes for kids

Our classes have been designed for kids. That means we created courses that not only teach valuable skills but also are engaging and fun.

These course follow a logical step by step system to build on existing knowledge, without ever feeling too heavy. When lessons feel like work, kids can get bored and discouraged. Our lesson plans are designed around activity-based learning which keeps kids engaged and interested in what they are doing. Their enthusiasm remains high because they feel like they are actively doing something instead of just being told what to do and how to do it.

Each participant is encouraged to think of answers to problems using their own initiative, and also to help each other on a cooperative basis in group activities. This mirrors real-world programming environments that they may be working in later in life, so it is good experience and also helps make learning fun.

What you can expect from our computer courses for kids

We focus on providing a quality experience, which means all participants in our courses get plenty of attention and guidance. We have enough technology assets to make sure every participant has an equal opportunity to progress through the course, so nobody gets left out.

Our course leaders are experienced in technology and education, and naturally, they keep a close eye on everything that is happening. We provide a safe environment, with appropriate supervision from start to finish.

Courses are conducted at various times throughout the year, and there is a range of choices for the courses offered. Kids can learn all kinds of technical skills at Champions Academy, including our always popular robotics courses.


The benefits of learning computer coding

Writing programs for computers is a challenging but highly rewarding task. In the process of writing a program, a lot of skills are put to use. The actual skills involved depend on the type of program being created.

The main skill involved in all program creation is logical decision making. All programs are made up of a series of instructions that the author wants the computer to process. Some of these instructions are conditional, requiring the computer to choose which instructions should be carried out at a particular time, and which should not.

As kids learn to write programs this way, it develops logical decision-making skills. This is a core component of leadership and will help the individual to become better at making decisions.

Many programming tasks also involve problem-solving skills, careful attention to detail, and a bit of mathematics as well.

Learning to create programs is really good for anyone of any age, but it’s especially easy for kids, and it’s also a lot of fun. Champions Academy is the best place to learn, so call today and find out more.

Champions Academy provides fun and educational computer coding & programming courses for kids and robotics classes. School holiday programs available. Contact us today for more information.


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“My son attended the summer program and enjoyed it so much that we enrolled him in the Coding & Robotics program. The trainers are engaging with the kids and make learning fun. Nicholas provides great guidance, feedback on the days activities and my sons progress.”

Paul Scicluna

“Thanks! All 4 boys were very excited to share what they had done (learned) and are looking forward to coming again next holidays.”

Josta Barton

“Highly recommended... great service, excellent tutors, fantastic follow-up.”

Marcus Speed

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