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Sadly, Your School Is Holding Back Your Kids From Succeeding In Life

There are two things we know for sure:

  1. Your kids are smart
  2. The world is changing rapidly

Unfortunately, your school is most likely holding back your kids from: Developing their full potential and becoming more than just a parrot who knows how to repeat the facts, and Succeeding in the new world, that’s going to be drastically different than the one we live in right now. Sounds too drastic? Well, only 15 years ago none of these jobs existed:

Mobile app developer
Big Data scientist
Cloud-computing specialist
Social media manager, etc.

Now, they’re among the highest-paid specialists on the market. And most schools STILL don’t have classes that teach these things.

And in the next 10-20 years (just when your kids end their formal education and should start their careers) changes are going to be even more drastic. According to Bloomberg Technology and McKinsey, as many as 800 MILLION workers around the world will lose their job to robots and automation by the end of 2030.

Robots and automation are going to be an integral part of our everyday life. And we’re going to need a lot of specialists to build and maintain those systems. According to the World Economic Forum experts, 65% of children today (including yours) will end up in careers that don’t even exist yet. And the schools simply cannot follow these changes at such speed.

Even if they want to, they’re limited by funds, budgets, and other regulations. You have to take things into your own hands.


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Self-Education Develops What Formal Education Simply Cannot

With such changes that are coming, and with the inertia of the school system, there’s no other way than to prepare your kids through self-education. Self-education through workshops, camps, summer schools, etc. is a great way to supplement the knowledge your kids get in formal school.

There, they’ll learn the basics and principles, and in schools like Champions Academy they’ll learn how to apply that knowledge in real-life. Due to a focus on practical implementation of knowledge, it’s no wonder that kids who attend Champions Academy quickly become top pupils in their classes.

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Coding Programs for Kids

Even if your child is learning coding at school, it’s highly likely that they don’t have sufficient opportunities to refine and advance their skills during school hours. And it’s not the fault of the school. After all, they probably have a set curriculum to follow and they have so many other things that they need to teach. At Champions Academy, we’re not held back by the same constraints. We specialise in putting together flexible STEM based programs, such as our coding programs for kids, to help children acquire the skills they need to become the computer and technology experts of the future.

Extra-Curricular Coding Programs for Kids

Our kids’ coding programs are specially designed to lead your kids step-by-step through everything they need to know about coding. We work with each child at their own pace to develop and embed the coding skills in a way that doesn’t feel like learning; it just feels like fun. Our tutors are specialists in their field, but more than that, they know how to put their subject across in an enjoyable and engaging way. Plus, they know how to relate to kids so that they can relax while they work.

Give Your Kids a Headstart Over the Competition with Coding Lessons

If you think it’s a little premature to start thinking about your kids being in competition with others, you may be right. But the truth is; it’s a competitive world out there. So why not give your children the skills they need to excel in the workforce? As experts in STEM, we keep abreast of all the latest developments so we can quickly update our curriculum and programs to reflect these changes. This means that your children will be learning the most up-to-date coding and putting it into practice.

However, when you enrol your kids on one of our coding programs, you’ll find that they’ll not only become proficient at coding, but they’ll also develop social skills that will equip them for success in the wider world. We want your children to develop as proud, upstanding members of the community so that they can become the future innovators and leaders, and so we place just as much emphasis on social and moral behaviours as we do on giving them coding knowledge and skills.

And through this, we hope that our Champions Academy students will rise head and shoulders above the others and achieve both professional and personal success in whatever career they choose in the future.

Want to Know More About our Coding Programs?

Then why not pay a visit to our academy? We’re easy to find, and we have plenty of onsite parking to enable you to access our site. Once inside, you’ll find a warm, welcoming and supportive environment filled with state-of-the-art technology and talented and committed tutors and mentors. Take some time to see our programs at work, ask any questions and see whether it sparks interest in your child. And if it does, take advantage of our free lessons when you sign up to a program.

Book your tour now by filling in our online booking form or, if you prefer, you can call us on (03) 9939 5734, and we’ll be happy to arrange a suitable time and answer any questions you may have. After all, there’s nothing to lose and everything to gain by enrolling your child on one of our kids’ coding programs in Melbourne.

Champions Academy provides fun and educational computer coding & programming courses for kids and robotics classes. School holiday programs available. Contact us today for more information.

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A Career In Engineering Will Provide A Much Better And More Secure Future For Your Kids

Automation, robotics, Internet of Things (IoT), artificial intelligence and similar technologies are changing the world at staggering speed. And they will continue to change it even more, and even faster.

Because of that, a lot of jobs will be lost or will be paid very little. It’s estimated that jobs like drivers, construction workers, stock traders, accountants, travel agents, farmers will disappear very soon. On the other hand, some new jobs will emerge. Most likely in automation, robotics, IoT, A.I., software development or some other tech and IT space.

And if you start preparing your kids on time, by the time they finish school and start looking for work, they’ll be very skilled with a lot of practical experience, and they’ll have much better chances to have a good career.


How Champions Academy Can Help Your Kids Have A More Successful Future

You and your kids deserve only the best. That’s why we developed our curriculum from the ground up, making it unique and constantly evolving as we discover new knowledge in the sciences, maths and engineering.

We always try to bring the best teachers and mentors. That’s why we have two Masters of Teaching from Melbourne University. A research scientist with over 10 years of experience with degrees in chemistry and mathematics. Two engineers, one mechanical and one mechatronics. And we all work together to develop strong curricula that is updated daily so your kids will learn and benefit from the latest innovations in the STEM fields.

We strongly believe that a good engineer should also have, besides technical knowledge, a strong moral and work ethic. That’s why we are dedicated to instilling in our students a high moral sense, strong and responsible leaders; socially respectful and cooperative.

And we also understand the importance of not only teaching our students how to code but also developing moral, ethical and responsible digital citizens who use the Internet and their programming skills positively. The future belongs to those who understand and adopt these qualities.


Your Kids Will Learn How To Build Robots

In school, your kids learn about science, technology, engineering, and math (commonly known as STEM). In Champions Academy, we expand on that knowledge and show them how those principles work in real life and not just on paper.

Your kids will learn how robots work, how machines work, and they’ll use what they learned to build cool things. (Imagine how cool it would be to show what your kid made at your next family gathering.)

And How To Code Some Cool And Useful Software Tools

Every machine, from a robot to a driverless car needs software.
In their daily life and work, people have problems. Some of which can be solved with a software tool. In Champions Academy, your kids will learn the basics of algorithmic thinking, how to code, and how to approach and solve problems with coding.

Some studies show that in the next 10 years, there will be 5,000,000 more jobs than there are software developers.
Give your kids a good head start now.


Our Training Academy

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“My son attended the summer program and enjoyed it so much that we enrolled him in the Coding & Robotics program. The trainers are engaging with the kids and make learning fun. Nicholas provides great guidance, feedback on the days activities and my sons progress.”

Paul Scicluna

“Thanks! All 4 boys were very excited to share what they had done (learned) and are looking forward to coming again next holidays.”

Josta Barton

“Highly recommended... great service, excellent tutors, fantastic follow-up.”

Marcus Speed

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