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Robotics Class for Kids

The field of robotics is booming. Whether you’re adjusting the thermostat of your smart heating system or trying to beat your best score on your gaming console, robotics and mechanical engineering have played a part in bringing modern technology to the masses. But very few schools have moved with the times, and it’s rare to find a robotics class for kids on the school curriculum.


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We Put Robotics for Kids on the Curriculum

At Champions Academy we want to give your kids the opportunity to excel in the growing field of robotics by providing them with the skills they need to not just to survive, but to flourish in a rapidly changing future. Whether your child has dreams of building the next space shuttle or they love the idea of bringing robots to life, enrolling them in one of our classes is the first step to an exciting career and an exciting future.

What to Expect in one of our Robotics for Kids Classes

Our robotics classes for kids are designed to make learning fun. An addictive combination of entertainment and education, our classes aim to stir up kids’ imaginations and get them thinking about how to tackle problems using a range of engineering, mechanics and programming skills that are appropriate to both their age and their level.

Most children start their robotics journey with us between the ages of 5 and 10, learning how to put together and program different robots. Whether they’re learning how to handle a screwdriver or to program different movement patterns, your kids won’t even realise that they’re learning as they’ll be so absorbed in making sure that their robot does as it’s told.

As your kids progress with their robotics education, they’ll move on to making and programming more sophisticated robots, as they continue to make great advances in their learning and skills.


Why Choose Champions Academy to Teach Your Kids Robotics?

It’s a good question. At Champions Academy, we’re able to respond quickly to any new discoveries in the sciences, technology, maths and engineering fields through our constantly evolving curriculum so that your kids are getting the most up to date information and innovations in the STEM fields. And to deliver our curriculum, we’ve put together a team of exceptional teachers and mentors who are passionate about creating engineers and technicians of the future who are equally passionate about their chosen fields.

We aim to encourage your children to have inquiring minds and give them the ability to think for themselves, together with a strong moral and work ethic. We want to create the leaders of the future who will use their programming and robotics skills responsibly.

However, while our focus is very firmly on the kids and what they’re going to learn, we’ve also thought about you the parents too. We’re located in an easily accessible building with plenty of onsite parking, so it’s easy to drop off and pick up your kids for classes. We also encourage parents to come and take a tour of our academy so you can see for yourself exactly what we’re offering and the quality of our facilities, teaching and lessons.

So why not book a tour of Champions Academy today and take the first steps to providing your kids with a future-proof future?

Champions Academy provides fun and educational computer coding & programming courses for kids and robotics classes. School holiday programs available. Contact us today for more information.


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“My son attended the summer program and enjoyed it so much that we enrolled him in the Coding & Robotics program. The trainers are engaging with the kids and make learning fun. Nicholas provides great guidance, feedback on the days activities and my sons progress.”

Paul Scicluna

“Thanks! All 4 boys were very excited to share what they had done (learned) and are looking forward to coming again next holidays.”

Josta Barton

“Highly recommended... great service, excellent tutors, fantastic follow-up.”

Marcus Speed

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