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Robotics for Kids: Robotics Courses for Kids in Melbourne

You may be surprised to learn there are robotics classes available right here in Melbourne from Champions Academy. Our courses give kids a solid preparation in coding concepts and robot building.

Our robotics for kids classes will teach kids how robots work and how to control them. It’s a fun activity that every kid will enjoy. We’re experts in robotics and computer coding, so your kids are in the right place to get optimal learning opportunities.

It’s easy to learn to code for kids

Actually, it’s super easy for kids to learn these skills. They usually can learn them even more quickly than most adults can. That’s because learning to code is a language-based skill, and kids are just naturally better at learning languages.

We have carefully designed our courses to follow a logical step by step learning system, so that the most rapid information uptake is achieved. Participating in a non-competitive group environment also encourages learning, and team members can support each other in their learning efforts.


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Robotics Courses where Kids Work with Real Robots

When we talk about robots, we don’t mean toys. Of course, we also don’t mean boring industrial robots like what you might encounter on the Mitsubishi production line or super-advanced robots like Sophie (not yet, anyway). But in between those extremes, there is a multitude of other robotic devices that are very exciting to tinker with.

Learning how to build, program, and interact with robots makes every project a special one. There is never a dull moment, and kids really have a blast. It’s almost like they don’t know what they’re doing is work. One of the best robotics for kids in Melbourne to take your kids to.

Robotics Classes for Kids in Melbourne: The Value in Learning Robotics

Automation, robotics, Internet of Things (IoT), artificial intelligence and similar technologies are changing the world at staggering speed. And they will continue to change it even more, and even faster.

Because of that, a lot of jobs will be lost or will be paid very little. It’s estimated that jobs like drivers, construction workers, stock traders, accountants, travel agents, farmers will disappear very soon. On the other hand, some new jobs will emerge. Most likely in automation, robotics, IoT, A.I., software development or some other tech and IT space.

And if you start preparing your kids on time, by the time they finish school and start looking for work, they’ll be very skilled with a lot of practical experience, and they’ll have much better chances to have a good career.


We could start with the fact that where many traditional job roles are dying out, robotics is still an emerging industry with a serious future ahead of it. Programmers and robotics engineers are always going to be in demand.

Beyond the employment and entrepreneurial aspects, however, there are plenty of other things that make learning robotics a valuable use of time.

Obviously making robots involves a lot of skills. Engineering is one of those skills, and being good in any branch of engineering can make it easier to learn in the other branches. Computer science is also involved, as robots can’t function without programs to follow.

All of these skills are highly valued. When kids learn to program computers, they also learn to make better decisions. Our robotics courses for kids helps your child about logic, lateral thinking, problem-solving, and much more.


Robotics Classes for Kids Near Me

Programming mobile robots, whether terrestrial, aerial, or aquatic, also involves the need to learn geometry and other mathematical skills. This can include navigation, plotting, and even cartography.

Kids also can learn about electronics by experimenting with robots, and they’ll develop an understanding of sensing technologies, electric motors, solenoids, and so on.

By enrolling your kids in our robotics classes for kids in Melbourne, they’ll not only get a fantastic introduction to this fascinating world, but they’ll begin to understand its potential. We’ll help your kids to learn the basics, put them in practice and then to develop and advance their skills as they become more proficient and experienced.

Robotics for Kids Melbourne: The holidays are Right Around the Corner

As you might imagine, robotics classes for kids Melbourne like this sell out fast. We’d love to give every kid an opportunity, but unfortunately, there are limited places and to make sure your kids don’t miss out it’s essential to book as early as you can.

To find out more about our robotics courses, reach out to us by phone or email, and we’ll gladly send you some information and answer any questions you may have.

Champions Academy provides fun and educational computer coding for kids & programming courses for kids and robotics classes. School holiday programs available. Contact us today for more information.


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