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School Holiday Programs for Kids in Hawthorn

If you are looking for something to keep your kids from getting bored during the next school holidays and you want the time they spend to actually be useful, you’ll find courses at Champions Academy where we are teaching kids to code computer programs.

Not the useless kind of “Hello World” applications, or writing a For/Next loop to print your name 10 times. No way! We’re talking about real computer programs that can accomplish real tasks. Like animating computer game characters or even controlling a robot.

Skills that are going to stay with your kids for the rest of their lives, and will be of use to them in more ways than you can probably imagine.


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Our coding school holidays are an investment in the future

If you think about it, there are probably not many kids who would declare they want to spend their entire school holiday coding, but you can be sure that every kid who ever attended Champions Academy feels like a real winner by the time they leave.

One of the most unique school holiday programs in Melbourne

Kids love our courses because they’re genuinely fun and engaging, covering topics kids are naturally fascinated by and enjoy participating in. Our courses are also structured and properly paced, so they’re challenging but not too difficult, and every child is given a fair go.

We have sufficient IT resources available to ensure there are equal opportunities for all, and of course, all classes are fully supervised. Kids have access to expert staff who can advise them on anything they need to know. We are dedicated to helping every child unlock their full potential.

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For this school holiday, why not let your child learn some useful skills and take away the hassle of knowing what do with them during what might otherwise be unstructured time? With a school holiday program in Hawthorn with Champions Academy, you are investing in your child’s future.

Our computer coding, programming and robotics programs are designed specifically for children. They are a fun and interactive way to learn more about our modern world that is always evolving, teaching them the skills that their futures will demand from them.

As a parent, it can be concerning not knowing what your child’s future holds. However, computers and coding are bound to be at the centre of almost all careers and teaching your child the skills now will hold them in good stead for the future. Not only this, but it will also hopefully spark a love of learning that they carry with them for life.

Why Choose Champions Academy for School Holiday Programs for Kids in Hawthorn?

In a school, the teachers who deliver the content surrounding coding are unlikely to be specialists in this field and therefore, they may only be taught at a basic level. At Champions Academy, you can help your child to excel with specialists who are incredibly enthusiastic and knowledgeable about their subject.

What’s more, there are often tight budget constraints and schools cannot provide the state-of-the-art technology that we have at Champions Academy.

During your child’s time with us, they will learn valuable skills. Imagine their excitement as they get to control a robot or animate characters from a computer game. Many children like using a computer, but with Champions Academy, they don’t only get to use it, but learn from it too.

Our sessions are designed to be engaging. With the right pace, they are challenging, yet achievable. What’s more, every child is given attention to ensure they succeed and learn from the experience.

Through our school holiday programs for Kids in Hawthorn, your child will learn and develop skills that they can use when back in school. Computer coding can help them develop their mathematical skills, along with improving logic and problem-solving skills.

Alongside this, your child will have opportunities to work in a team and spend time with other children as they work together to be creative and solve problems. Developing social skills is a key part of childhood, so it is good to know that your holiday program is shaping your child’s future for the better.

With Champions Academy, your child can enrol on a computer coding course or a robotics course. No matter which you choose, they are sure to have a great time.

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We want to provide a chance for as many kids as we can, but we only have limited places available, and they’re selling out fast. The holidays are right around the corner and the time to book your child’s place is now.

This is not an opportunity you should miss out on. Not only will you be sure your child is properly supervised and looked after, but you’ll also be sure they are getting quality training in genuinely useful computer technology skills.

The future of the world is easy to predict. Unskilled jobs are rapidly becoming obsolete as automation takes over. You’ll notice it when you’re at the supermarket, where self-checkouts have become standard. You’ll see it when you go to take a flight, and your airline wants you to check yourself in via an automated terminal and even tag your own luggage. You may even soon find yourself riding in a self-driving taxi or having your Friday night pizza delivered by a drone.

It’s a potentially exciting future, but also a potentially bleak one for those who don’t have uncommon talent, skills, or knowledge. Computer coding is one of the most future-proof skills there is.

There will always be a need for computer programmers. After all, they are the ones who create automated systems that are replacing the other workers.

Champions Academy provides a fun and educational computer coding & programming courses for kids and robotics classes. School holiday programs available. Contact us today for more information.


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“My son attended the summer program and enjoyed it so much that we enrolled him in the Coding & Robotics program. The trainers are engaging with the kids and make learning fun. Nicholas provides great guidance, feedback on the days activities and my sons progress.”

Paul Scicluna

“Thanks! All 4 boys were very excited to share what they had done (learned) and are looking forward to coming again next holidays.”

Josta Barton

“Highly recommended... great service, excellent tutors, fantastic follow-up.”

Marcus Speed

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